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Why should I invest in a foal from Seguin Sporthorses?

  • We have plenty of space for horses to be horses and to grow up in a low-key environment with small herd dynamics.  We produce friendly, coordinated, emotionally healthy youngsters.

  • Owning a Seguin Sporthorses foal gives you peace of mind. We provide photos, videos, and written updates.  You will know the foal’s full history – no surprises. We want you to see your horse grow even if you live far away.

  • You can choose a colt or filly option if you wish.  We have flexible payment terms that can be tailored to your individual circumstances. And of course you have a live foal guarantee.  

  • Although we use German bloodlines, we enthusiastically support stallions standing in North America. 

  • Our foals receive accolades from both Holsteiner Verband and AHHA judges.

  • Acquiring a foal directly from Seguin Sporthorses saves money.  There are no hidden commissions or trainer markups.  Because we are located in the U.S. you can purchase a top quality horse and save thousands of dollars in import costs.

  • We are proud of our young athletes and are huge fans of holsteiner horses in general.  We include registration and approvals in our in utero and foal pricing, along with a 1-year membership to the American Holsteiner Horse Association.


Is a foal right for me? 

  •  If you want the pleasure of building a lasting partnership from the ground up, this option is for you!

  • Our clients are often owners of older horses and are looking to bring along a youngster that will be ready to ride when their other horse retires.


If I own a foal that is growing up with you, can I visit any time?

  • Yes, we love it when you visit your foal!  We do require that someone from SSH is present on the premises, so please call ahead to schedule your visit.           


Why are your boarding prices so much less expensive than most facilities?

  • Seguin Sporthorses is a functional family farm and we strive to offer the best value to you. We feel it is more important to focus on both the wellbeing and quality of our horses than on flashy facilities.  We have happy and healthy horses to show for our efforts.

  • Our significant discount to our clients reflects our commitment to you – we don’t think you should be barred from purchasing foals just because you may not own a farm of your own.


What riding facilities do you have? 

  • We are not primarily a riding facility.  We have a grassy arena and a 20m round pen as well as acreage for riding out.  In addition, riders have miles of country roads with very wide shoulders suitable for long hacks.  The adjacent property has a small cross-country course and jumping and dressage arenas available for use at a reasonable price.


Can you provide references?  Yes, please contact us.

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