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Dr. Ramey Fan Club and “Certain” Equine Products

I eagerly await each FB article by Dr. David W. Ramey, a proponent of evidence-based medicine. He debates, debunks, and demystifies equine conventional wisdom and testimonial-driven products. He makes my scientifically-inclined mind hum. Unfortunately, I am not completely immune to testimonials and the siren call of good marketing. Indeed, I have successfully used Oroquin-10 to treat EPM (as part of a clinical trial), am partial to GutwerksTM for a mare with sporadic gas colic events, and religiously feed my weanlings – 2yr olds Osteo-Form by Vet-A-Mix.

Did I mention, though, that I like science? I love objective data showing efficacy, yet here I am routinely using 3 products (OK, Oroquin-10 was being field-tested at the time) without much if anything in the way of actual data. Am I spending my hard-earned money on a wish and a prayer?

As a breeder, the product that I see repeatedly touted to “fix” foal leg issues is RejuvenaideTM. Many breeders really LOVE this stuff. For whatever incomprehensible reason, I am skeptical about this particular product. I’m not going on record saying that it doesn’t work, but so many flexural and angular limb deformities resolve over time with just conservative treatment that I really wonder. Where’s the evidence that shows this product works? According to the manufacturer, they have no independent trials. Would I ever use the product? I guess that would depend on my level of desperation. What Would Dr. Ramey Say?

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