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2018 Boarding


Unlike many farms that profit handsomely from à la carte pricing, we work to minimize the stress and cost involved in the myriad of horse-related responsibilities.  We offer unsurpassed "Super Care" full board.  Although we primarily offer raising services for our clients’ horses, applications will be accepted for others.                   


Our boarding package includes a broad array of horse care supplies and services.  Each horse benefits from:  

  • Veterinarian on premises

  • Nutrena Triumph Pro – a quality feed for all life stages

  • Free choice hay to facilitate naturally healthy digestive systems

  • Osteoform supplement (<2 yrs)

  • Mare Plus supplement (pregnant mares)

  • Annual vaccines

  • Deworming

  • Hoof trims

  • Age-appropriate training/handling such as haltering, leading, moving away from pressure, introduction to blankets and tack, etc.  We do not condone routine round pen work or jumping for our youngsters.

  • Minor vet care on premises (initial exam, initial medication, minor wound treatment (no sedation, sutures, nasogastric tube, etc.)

  • Transportation to local equine hospital if needed (first visit free; subsequent visits 1.75/mile for box stall transportation)

  • Blanketing as needed (utilizing our turnout blankets if preferred)

  • Stalling for severe weather events (at SSH discretion)

  • Price guarantee – no increase for 2 years


Note - Routine maintenance products such as joint supplements are not included in the base price.  Owners will pay the difference between our diet and special diets, but we will not reduce the quality of feed to reduce cost. 


Prices for boarding:

     Horses bred by or purchased from SSH - $320/mo.

     Outside riding horses - $425/mo.        

     Outside retired horses - $375/mo.

     Outside pregnant mares - $375 through 8th month, $500 from month 9 - foal weaning

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